Caregiver Resources

The Center has a longstanding commitment to the development and dissemination of evidence-based, practice-focused educational and training products that support family caregivers.


Community of Scholars

Upcoming Gerontological Meetings

List of annual gerontological meetings for clinicians, researchers, and caregivers.



Dementia Friendly

Evidence-Based Practice

The Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) was developed to promote “best practices” among nurses and others who provide day-to-day care to older adults.


Telehealth Basics for NP Practice

External Resources

List of external resources for clinicians, researchers, and caregivers

Immersive Experiential Learning in Telehealth

Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold (PLST)

The PLST model provides the foundation for psychoeducation intervention to assist formal and informal caregivers in understanding behaviors and planning care for persons with dementia