The Optimal Aging Initiative seeks to advance discovery and adoption of age friendly practices across the state of Iowa. Through community engagement and outreach, and collaborations and funding opportunities, the Optimal Aging Initiative has created an expansive network of people and organizations whose visions align with the initiative. These connections and partnerships contribute to the initiative goal:

Optimal aging for every Iowan.



The Optimal Aging Initiative is creating networks and building relationships in the world of aging locally, regionally and across the state of Iowa. Under the umbrella of the Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence, the Optimal Aging Initiative is creating viable partnerships and initiating collaborations with stakeholders in aging research, education, and programming.

Through funding opportunities and support from the Optimal Aging Initiative, communities are improving built and livable environments, advocating for aging policies, and offering quality programming for older adults. These opportunities provide preventative healthcare measures, social engagement, intergenerational activities, and platforms to share and openly discuss the issues of aging. Most importantly, the Optimal Aging Initiative is connecting people and organizations to resources that will benefit all of us as we age.

“We have developed a great partnership with the Csomay Center which has and will continue to improve aging in the community. The Optimal Aging Initiative recently provided crucial funding to help us progress in identifying strengths and areas that need to be developed to ensure that Johnson County is an AARP Age-Friendly Community.”


-Jeff Kellbach, Aging Specialist, Johnson County Livable Community for Successful Aging

Community Resources

We frequently say in the Csomay Center “we are better together.” And that is what Initiative Program Coordinator, Jennifer Jones, has found in her community engagement and outreach.

There are terrific people and organizations in the world of aging who want to connect, contribute, and create a world where aging is viewed positively. Just a few of our partners and community resources include:

At the regional and state level we support programming from the state AARP office and the six Area Agencies on Aging across the state of Iowa, the Family Caregivers Center of Mercy, and numerous other entities whose proactive work is helping all Iowans age optimally!  

From the Optimal Aging Initiative Program Coordinator

"We are all aging. It is the one variable every single person will experience. I believe that we can positively influence our health in our later years by making good choices in our younger years. I also believe we can improve our health at any age if we have the right support systems and resources available. Knowing I can impact someone’s life to be longer, happier, and healthier motivates me each and every day."

- Jennifer Jones, MHS-PH

For questions about the please contact Initiative Program Coordinator, Jennifer Jones.

The Optimal Aging Initiative at the Csomay Center is generously funded by JD and Jill Thoreson.