The Center's longstanding commitment to geriatric research includes both the generation of new knowledge and the translation and implementation of knowledge in practice to advance the care and treatment of older people.  We currently advance geriatric research through pilot project funding and partnerships within the university and community.

The Center seeks to collaborate with a broad cross-section of community partners, interdisciplinary UI researchers, students, practitioners, and external stakeholders to identify and pursue funding opportunities that address key geriatric and gerontological issues.  We engage with a diverse group of entities that share our vision for advancing optional aging through innovative technologies, practice, and products.  Research promotion activities involve collaborations to identify funding opportunities, advance inter-disciplinary and community engagement, and build infrastructure to advance both discovery and translation to practice.  We are constantly looking for new partners and invite all interested parties to contact us at

  1. Csomay Community of Scholars
  2. Csomay Center Community Partners
  3. Institute for Clinical and Translational Science
  4. Iowa Geriatric Education Center
  5. Doctor of Nursing Practice Projects - Coming soon!
  6. Faculty Practice - Coming soon!
  7. Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship


During the course of conducting nursing research at the College of Nursing, scales and instruments have been developed to measure outcomes associated with nursing care and interventions for individuals with dementia, and their family and staff caregivers.  The Center offers these for public use with the request that (1) the source is acknowledged, and (2) the Center is notified if the instrument is used for a funded project and outcomes are shared.

  1. Attitudes About Families Checklist (AFC): Tool | Instructions
  2. Caregiver Stress Inventory (CSI): Tool | Instructions
  3. Family Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Test (FKAT): Tool | Instructions
  4. Family Perceptions of Care Tool (FPCT): Tool | Instructions
  5. Family Perceptions of Caregiving Role (FPCR): Tool | Instructions
  6. Functional Abilities Checklist (FAC): Tool
  7. General Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (GJS): Tool
  8. Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Test (KAT): Tool | Instructions | Test Key
  9. Staff Perceptions of Caregiving Role (SPCR): Tool | Instructions

We acknowledge that instruments provided here are quite dated and terminology may not reflects current practices, including use of the term patient vs. person, and some descriptions of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.  We invite users to adapt the tools to best assure respect for older adults and family members.