The Center's longstanding commitment to geriatric research includes both the generation of new knowledge and the translation and implementation of knowledge in practice to advance the care and treatment of older people.  We currently advance geriatric research through pilot project funding and partnerships within the university and community.

Funding of Research

Generous donors support research that is administered by the Center.  While donors' aims may vary, the overarching goal is to promote best gerontological practices.  These initiatives include the Barbara and Richard Csomay Fund; the Woodrow W. Morris Gerontology Research Fund; and the Jo Hoyt Freeman Dementia Education and Outreach Fund.  Projects funded in the last three years include:


  • Daniel Liebzeit: How older adults and their caregivers identify and utilize community
    resources and other support following illness and hospitalization
  • Kyung Soo Kim: Designing an Art Making Intervention for Older Persons with Chronic
  • Heather Bair and Clarissa Shaw: Advancing Methods of Measurement and Education for Communication
    in Dementia Care



Promotion of Research

The Center seeks to collaborate with a broad cross-section of community partners, interdisciplinary UI researchers, students, practitioners, and external stakeholders to identify and pursue funding opportunities that address key geriatric and gerontological issues.  We engage with a diverse group of entities that share our vision for advancing optional aging through innovative technologies, practice, and products.  Research promotion activities involve collaborations to identify funding opportunities, advance inter-disciplinary and community engagement, and build infrastructure to advance both discovery and translation to practice.  We are constantly looking for new partners and invite all interested parties to contact us at