The Center is funded by the Barbara and Richard Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence fund, an unrestricted fund that supports the operation and activities of the Center. Csomay Center funding supports two, year-long research awards, one for faculty and another for graduate students.  The College of Nursing oversees the Barbara and Richard Csomay Scholarships in Gerontology that support undergraduate, PhD, and DNP students.

Center activities are further advanced by benefactors who generously support our goals of advancing high quality care and treatment of older adults. We gratefully thank and acknowledge the:

  • Woodrow W. Morris Gerontology Research Fund that supports pilot research studies.
  • Woodrow W. and Inabelle H. Morris Visiting Professor Fund that supports a visiting professor program in the College of Nursing, as well as travel support for faculty to conferences or meeting focused on gerontology.
  • Jo Hoyt Freeman Dementia Education and Outreach Fund that supports development of dementia training and education that targets practice change in long-term care settings.
  • Marilynn H. Bowers Dementia Education and Research Fund currently supports the development of the new section for caregivers on and efforts to disseminate best practices related to pain management.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their donations to the Barbara and Richard Csomay Center for Gerontological excellence and/or the Marilynn H. Bowers Dementia Education and Outreach Fund:

Mrs. Janna L. Apostolopoulos
Ms. Dayna Ballantyne
Ms. Jo Ellen Bender
Ms. Alison J. Bloodhart
Mr. James F. Bowers
Mr. John H. Bowers
Ms. Barbara J. Brandt & Mr. Darin Toohey
Mrs. Carol M. Brookshire & Mr. Joseph E. Brookshire
Sally R. Clapp & Mr. John D. Clapp
Mrs. Linda F. Crowley & Mr. David A. Crowley
Ms. Karen Duncan
Ms. Laurie G. Eperjesi
Mr. Benjamin J. Ertl
Riza Falk
Mr. James D. Graham & Mrs. Lois A. Graham
Mr. John H. Gray
Ms. Emily J. Griffin
Mr. Michael A. Herman & Mrs. Linda Kroeger
Dr. Keela A. Herr & Mr. Alan C. Harrington
Ms. Jill R. Hobson
Mr. David B. Jackson
Mr. David M. Jacobi

Mr. Charles F. Knudson & Mrs. Elizabeth L. Knudson
Mrs. Sandra M. Linford
Mrs. Carol A. Litton & Mr. Jerry C. Litton
Ms. Kathryn Machovsky & Mr. Robert J. Machovsky
Polly V. Moore
Mrs. Tamara L. Murray & Mr. Todd A. Murray
Mrs. Heidi Oates & Dr. Scott Oates
Ms. Jane H. Roth
Prof. Len Sandler & Ms. Lucy C. David
Ms. Donna S. Schindel & Mr. Timothy L. Schindel
Ms. Beth A. Schmidt & Mr. Zack P. Schmidt
Mrs. Debra A. Stephey & Mr. Lawrence D. Stephey
Mr. Joseph Stewart
Mrs. Andrea Strayer & Mr. Kent T. Strayer
Ms. Carla P. Tumanjan
Mrs. Carol G. Ware & Mr. Robert L. Ware
Ms. Robin White
Ms. Carol R. Wick & Dr. Donald G. Wick
Mr. Stephen R. Wilcox
Emily Ray Wilson & Dr. R. Dale Wilson
Dr. Julie A. Zerwic & Dr. Mark J. Zerwic

Through your donations the Csomay Center is able to continue its mission to advance innovations in research, education, and practice to promote optimal aging for all older adults and their caregivers.