During the course of conducting nursing research at the College of Nursing, scales and instruments have been developed to measure outcomes associated with nursing care and interventions for individuals with dementia, and their family and staff caregivers.  The Center offers these for public use with the request that (1) the source is acknowledged, and (2) the Center is notified if the instrument is used for a funded project and outcomes are shared.

  1. PDF iconAttitudes About Families Checklist (AFC)
  2. PDF iconCaregiver Stress Inventory (CSI)
  3. PDF iconFamily Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Test (FKAT)
  4. PDF iconFamily Perceptions of Care Tool (FPCT)
  5. PDF iconFamily Perceptions of Caregiving Role (FPCR)
  6. PDF iconFunctional Abilities Checklist (FAC)
  7. PDF iconGeneral Job Satisfaction Questionnaire (GJS)
  8. PDF iconKnowledge of Alzheimer’s Test (KAT)
  9. PDF iconStaff Perceptions of Caregiving Role (SPCR)

We acknowledge that instruments provided here are quite dated and terminology may not reflects current practices, including use of the term patient vs. person, and some descriptions of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.  We invite users to adapt the tools to best assure respect for older adults and family members.