Program Overview
The Young Gerontological Nurse Clinician program (YGNC) is a 1-3 year mentored program for undergraduate nursing students who are interested in gerontological nursing.  This unique opportunity offers a variety of “hands-on” experiences with older adults in clinical settings. Students have the opportunity to complete clinical projects under the direction of a faculty mentor or expert geriatric clinician on a topic of interest.  In addition, eligible students may register for Independent Study or Honors Independent Study credit toward graduation. 

Although YGNC experiences vary based on the interests of students and availability of funding, the Center works to provide students with a broad exposure to innovative geriatric programs and services, participation in professional conferences, and both clinical and research learning experiences beyond their traditional coursework and practicum. 

For more information about the program and how to apply, visit YGNC Program.  If you have questions, please contact Barbara Kyles, YGNC Leader.