The Geriatric Mental Health Training Series (GMHTS) was developed and evaluated in the era of Nursing Home Reform that focused on reducing chemical (antipsychotic) and physical restraint of nursing home residents.  Each training module is designed to help staff be more knowledgeable about the causes of "problem behaviors" and about techniques to provide person-centered care. 

Dr. Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Director of the Hartford Center from 2006 to 2010, and Dr. Marianne Smith, current Director of the Csomay Center, led the project.  The GMHTS was awarded Book of the Year by the American Journal of Nursing in 1993, was honored with the Best Practice Award from the National Institute on Human Resources and Aging in 1994, and received Sigma Theta Tau's Regional Research Dissemination Award in 1994 and their International Research Dissemination Award in 1995.

Since its publication in 1989, the GMHTS has been updated, revised, adapted and maintained as a free, online training resource.  Periodic reviews have assured the relevance and accuracy of training content based on research and clinical best practices.  Because the last review was conducted in 2005 we encourage users to compare the content to current state of science on the topic.  However, we believe all topics continue to be relevant to training LTC staff about dementia-related care challenges and other causes of “problematic” behaviors among nursing home residents.

As part of the revision and updating process we created PowerPoint versions that offer an electronic alternative to the original paper and 35 mm slide versions. The lecturer’s “script” is provided in Notes view, and slides can be printed in Handout view.  Additional supportive materials, including handouts referenced in the slides, are available on request.

Copyright and Use

Permission is granted for individuals to print, copy and otherwise reproduce these materials in an unaltered form for use as personal development activities, in-service education programs, and other continuing education programs for which no fees are charged.

Use of these materials for personal profit is prohibited.  Credit should be given to the Barbara and Richard Csomay Center of Gerontological Excellence, College of Nursing, University of Iowa. Questions may be directed to Dr. Marianne Smith.